Welcome to TORVEC, an organisation in the process of creating the ultimate health and wellness eco-centre, a life enhancing, life extending development,our aim is to construct a sustainable and multifaceted complex with it’s own energy, water and organic food production system on a permaculture farm in a wonderful location where the sun is almost always shining, a beautiful Garden of Eden in a modern day Shangri-la river valley, a residential community for like minded individuals who are looking for a healthy living rustic lifestyle, an opportunity to be able to live a longer, happier, healthier life in a safe and secure environment, one that will provide a sheltered haven of peace and tranquillity, an oasis of calm in a stressful modern day world.


T   O    R    V    E   C

      The   Odeleite   River   Valley   Eco   Centre   

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Residents on site will be able to join a car and  boat sharing scheme which should see considerable savings over owning and registering their own motor vehicle in Portugal or owning a motor boat which is maybe only used occasionally, vehicles will be available for shopping trips or leisure trips to the seaside or to visit one of the larger towns or cities within easy driving distance or just for a picnic at one of the many scenic locations along the river Guadiana.

A further spin off as part of TORVEC infrastructure could be to set up residential aquaponic and permaculture courses for individuals who wish to learn how these systems works in conjunction with nature and the natural world, these courses will provide full training to assess and design any land area into a productive and sustainable food growing system to help feed those most in need

The permaculture course and lessons would be hands on with the trainee being shown how to manage a particular situation to it’s best advantage both in the classroom and out in the field, they would be shown how and where to build water retention and irrigation facilities and from that will then be able to put all year growing systems into highly productive use.

Also the course would show them how to design and build an aquaponic system and how to make the system as maintenance free as possible with the least input for the most productive output, these valuable lessons will benefit not just potential permaculture consultants but will also be aimed at individuals who want to be more self sufficient and who want real fresh nutrient dense healthy organic food for their family.

As the worlds population continues to grow, permaculture design consultants who are the real experts in the field of food production will become much more sought after, these courses are also aimed at the individual who wants to learn the tricks of the trade so that he and his extended family unit who want to be self sufficient as much as possible and maintain their healthy dietary needs and way of life will be able to achieve that through the knowledge gained on the course.

Low impact, eco friendly, natural living in a resilient sustainable infrastructure based on organic permaculture and aquaponic systems that will produce the highest quality nutritious food, the freshest and best tasting around, with our own underground pristine water resources and the almost unlimited solar energy available at this location in the sunny Algarve we can be totally self sufficient for as long into the future as needed.

This will be the Quintessential and fundamental essence of the Good Life, A life enhancing life improving health and wellness complex, with a healthy living and anti aging agenda as the core driving force, a comprehensive programme that will create the ultimate quality of life for everybody lucky enough to live at the centre.

The TORVEC mission statement is simple, the creation of a self sufficient and sustainably resilient community within a beneficial micro climate based on natural living organic and holistic systems, able to provide the freshest and most nutritious food, the freshest cleanest water and the cleanest non polluted environment any where on this planet.

This self sufficiency will be achieved by growing the widest possible range of exotic fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices as well as bio-dynamic super foods, at TORVEC we aim to empower residents and guests with all the tools and protocols to fight off illness or disease, as well as being able to live in a safe and secure environment in balanced harmony with the natural world.

By using a greenhouse growing environment we can extend the growing season to an all year round system to maximise food production, this is in addition to the more normal permaculture practices for root crops, fruit and nut trees and various berries.

Instead of the food you eat being transported halfway round the world as usual the vast majority will be produced and harvested within 100 metres of the preparation area which will in turn maximise all the vitamins and minerals available to create a rich nutrient dense food source, maximising the goodness within every life enhancing molecule,growing your own food is as good as printing money.

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