Welcome to TORVEC, an organisation in the process of creating the ultimate health and wellness eco-centre, a life enhancing, life extending development,our aim is to construct a sustainable and multifaceted complex with it’s own energy, water and organic food production system on a permaculture farm in a wonderful location where the sun is almost always shining, a beautiful Garden of Eden in a modern day Shangri-la river valley, a residential community for like minded individuals who are looking for a healthy living rustic lifestyle, an opportunity to be able to live a longer, happier, healthier life in a safe and secure environment, one that will provide a sheltered haven of peace and tranquillity, an oasis of calm in a stressful modern day world.


T   O    R    V    E   C

     The   Odeleite   River   Valley   Eco   Centre   

The aim of TORVEC will be to initially create a healthy living complex for long term residential use as well as for short and medium term stays, our intention is to build a system and infrastructure that will ensure a long and healthy life for residents and guests alike, free from any of the modern day illnesses and diseases caused by Pesticides, GMO’s, Hormones and all the other detrimental toxins and chemicals and other pollutants we are subjected to daily in this modern era of experimental food production, contaminated water supplies and air pollution from traffic and industrial sources.

Monsanto is trying to take over the worlds food supply for profit regardless of the huge damage it is doing to the environment, agriculture and to our immune system with its genetically modified organisms, they are trying to patent the seeds of life which will impact on those parts of the world unable to escape the dire consequences of their quest to monopolise the very basics of survival.

We also need to escape from a Governmental system which treats our water supplies with poisonous industrial waste byproducts and if that does not effect your brain and metabolism sufficiently badly they are also spraying chemicals in the atmosphere which will help to finish you off.

The only way to ensure the quality and vitality of your food is to be in a position to oversee the production and the means of production, food that has travelled halfway round the world, sprayed with pesticide and preservatives will not create the healthy nourishing food needed to live a long and healthy life, whereas this localised production of ours retains all the natural organic nutrients and goodness needed to enhance and enrich your life having been picked fresh on the day of use and within a 100 metres of it’s final destination.

A communal restaurant and food preparation area with separate facilities for vegan and non vegan will be available to residents to take advantage of the wide range of highly nutritious fruit and vegetables to make and create their own favourite juices or smoothies or fully explore the salad bar to make the most delicious lunches or evening meals, if you prefer to be pampered a bit get the staff to indulge your every whim.

Fruit and vegetable juice are proven ways to cleanse and detoxify your body as well as providing the building blocks for a healthy body and a strong healthy immune system without over taxing the digestive system, these wonderful concoctions can be classed as the elixir of life being full of energy and vitality, a virtual fountain of youth in a glass.  

We will be offering for lease a number of units for individuals who will be able to input their own sustainable eco friendly living space requirements, all lease holders will have access to the permaculture and aquaponic food growing systems to grow their own personal fruit and vegetable choices and preferences as well as access to the food preparation facilities to create their own personal and favourite snacks and main family meals.

All the residential accommodation at TORVEC will be constructed from sustainable materials, high quality eco lodge type units that will be totally private and will be set on the lower slopes overlooking the man made lake area with uninterrupted views of the river valley, also close to the central hotel infrastructure which will be overlooking a swimming pool and leisure area.

Examples of sustainable timber framed accommodation units


The above examples are just for illustrative purposes and not the actual designs that will be constructed, temporary accommodation such as Yurts and Mobile homes, caravans and Gypsy type caravans can be utilised pending the design and construction of more permanent living quarters for those who want to make a long term commitment to this location and healthy living lifestyle choice.

With direct access to the Odeleite river with great fishing potential, a frontage of around 1500 metres gives the possibility for narrow boat aficionados to be able to tie up on our land as well as for the live in type motor launches which would have direct access to the sea via the Guadiana river close by.

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