Welcome to TORVEC, an organisation in the process of creating the ultimate health and wellness eco-centre, a life enhancing, life extending development,our aim is to construct a sustainable and multifaceted complex with it’s own energy, water and organic food production system, based in the Algarve where the sun is almost always shining, situated on a permaculture farm, a wonderful location in the centre of nature reserve and also in a Natura 2000 restricted zone, a beautiful Garden of Eden setting in a modern day Shangri-la type river  valley, we will be building a residential community for individuals who are looking for a healthy living rustic lifestyle, living in harmony with the natural world, who want to be able to live a longer, happier, healthier life in a safe and secure environment, a sheltered haven of peace and tranquillity and an oasis of calm in this stressful modern day world.


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Living in harmony with nature, an overview of The Odeleite River Valley Eco Centre.

Location Location Location is an oft heard mantra when projects like this are mooted, no problem with that for us as this must be one of the best all round development sites in Europe, however a more realistic mantra in this cost conscious age is affordability affordability affordability and this is where we will be scoring very high if not the highest on the affordability cost scale.

Having done preliminary cost comparisons  with a wide variety of similar schemes even one or two almost identical in a great many ways our business model is showing at least a 50% saving with lower overall costs and in some cases up 75% less even on one very well known centre providing similar facilities, so at the moment we can offer the very best healthy living protocols within a reasonable budget our future projections show that when fully operational and all internal and external costs are factored in we should be able to reduce clients living expenses even further possibly by half again.   

At Torvec with it’s Fountain of Youth philosophy we will be creating the ultimate health and wellness centre on this 100 plus acre site, an idyllic anti ageing eco-friendly healthy living environment providing the means to achieve long-term health and happiness as well as providing all the basics needed to live life to the full, a place where you can thrive and survive all the problems of modern day living, this is not just a home in the sun type living experience this is an investment in you, in your future and in your long-term  happiness and overall the opportunity of having a more fulfilling, longer lasting healthier life in the sun and reconnection with natural world around you.

This healthy living eco-complex will be built to exclusively cater for individuals who are already mentally committed to this type of lifestyle and have so far not had the right opportunity, this is also for those who wish to live on a resilient sustainable development like this in a garden of Eden setting and which is to be based on a permaculture farm with orchards and ground crops and a greenhouse complex growing the majority of the fruit and vegetables needed by the people living on-site, when it comes to optimal health, eating fresh organic food and staying mentally and physically active is paramount.

All food produced on-site will be organically grown, highly nutritious, full of vitamins and minerals as well as all the enzymes needed by our bodies to keep us fit and healthy, the main aim of this complex will be to create a self-sustaining paradise in this beautiful Algarve region with year round sunshine guaranteed,the aim is to generate at least an extra 10 healthy years of living maybe even 20 years or more over and above the existing potential giving everyone a new lease of life and winding back the clock to a fitter and healthier time of life.

As a well-known actor might say, did you know that the adult body contains between 50 trillion and 100 trillion cells and that your gut is home to roughly 100 trillion bacteria, and did you know also that the human body is completely rebuilt every one to two years or so, in view of these basic facts of life it is entirely possible to create a new and more positive and healthier lifestyle, live longer, be happier and banish life-threatening illness and disease from your future as well as banish any form of degenerative problems that could impact your new life.

Torvec is all about slowing down or even reversing the aging process.

The human body has a remarkable ability to repair itself given the right conditions so with a fit and healthy body and a strong immune system health problems like cancer and heart disease or the possibility of having a stroke can be avoided or overcome as well as the long term problems such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis as well as many other debilitating illness and disease that are affecting more and more people each and every day.

We only get one chance of life on this wonderful planet Earth so let’s make the most of it, how long you live how happy you are how wealthy you are depends on the choices you are making on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis such as the choice of where you live what you eat and how you live your life how you interact with other people as well as with all the other animals and species of mother nature will ultimately determine your life expectancy.

Hippocrates famously stated let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food, so even if you have abused your body for several decades it is possible to turn back the clock and overcome the consequences of your previous unhealthy lifestyle, optimal healthy eating with fresh organic food as well as staying mentally and physically active at all times is essential when it comes to living a longer healthier life, the life of your dreams.

At Torvec the aim is to create a community of like-minded people living off the land in a sustainable good life fashion, utilising the pristine underground water sources the 3,000 hours of sunshine every year which can also be converted into unlimited solar energy, the aim is to create a garden of Eden like paradise, working with nature and the natural world in this wonderful Micro climate we have available to ensure a beneficial living, working and leisure life balance.

Other ways we will be cutting back and lowering our carbon footprint will be to reduce our reliance on local authorities, by composting all our food waste except that which can be fed to the chickens, setting up our own ecologically designed bio-sewage treatment plant and reed bed system as well as disposing of other type of waste by recycling or by incinerating it which can also be used to heat the water for the kitchens for washing up and laundry requirements.

The main permaculture farm site is located in a beautiful river valley setting with a kilometre of frontage of this tidal river with direct access to the sea down river from the the international river it flows into, wonderful panoramic views all round, the residential area will be centrally located close to the existing farmhouse and  within an area overlooking the river valley and surrounding hillsides, centred within an ecological nature reserve,it is also within the borders of a Natura 2000 protected zone where no more new building will be allowed.

The healthy living anti ageing agenda will be achieved with a mainly Mediterranean style diet which is the most suited to this southern European location, fresh raw and highly nutritious fruit and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals will be the mainstay as will be juicing of these which enables higher consumption and less stress on the digestive system as well as enabling the body’s system to rid itself of toxins more easily.

Will also be utilising some other less well known but highly effective health promoting elements such as Earthing, Kombucha tea, Keffir pro biotic's, Fermented food and vegetables, Sprouting seeds which have a high level of nutrients and are easily digested also new research implies structured water is assimilated in the cells better, also we need to minimise the effects of EMFs and all Microwave emissions, Cell phone radiation as well as WI-Fi signals, Electro smog can trigger chronic disease so all this electromagnetic radiation can have cancer causing effects with a detrimental impact on our body and immune system.

One of the main benefits of living in a beautiful rural location like this is the fact that we will be leaving behind all the negativity in the UK, the fracking and immigration issues, the war mongering politicians and most of all the atrocious weather, lets also not forget the obnoxious litter louts and the beer swilling yob’s filling the streets of most towns and cities every weekend causing mayhem just for the sake of it, would also hope to be free from muggers and burglars and other lawless types so prevalent nowadays.

A recent report from an expert multidisciplinary team of researchers hailing from some of the best schools in the world found that elderly folks severely lacking in vitamin D are more than twice as likely as other adults with normal or optimal vitamin D levels to develop Alzheimer's disease and an elevated risk of dementia or other similar forms of mental illness,however with the year round sunny climate in this region manufacturing vitamin D for residents will not be a problem.

Another problem we won’t be having is that in approximately 25 years time, fresh water may be hard to come by, two new reports based on three years of research show that the entire world's population may go thirsty by 2040 and as soon as 2020, between 30 and 40 percent of the world's population could be affected by water shortages, thankfully that dire prognosis will not affect us in our particular location.

This overview page is being regularly updated from late August 2016 onwards as is the photo page located at the link below.

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  C.S.Lewis

Which view would you rather wake up to on a morning?.

An interesting article from Natural News on 5 ways to increase your longevity and quality of life

Deep down, we all have a deeply rooted desire to live a long and high quality life. Modern medicine is certainly enabling us to live longer, but often at a cost that creates a much lower quality of life.

So how do we live a longer life and also enjoy the high quality that we all wish we could capture, so we can remain as youthful as possible up until our demise? These 5 tips are a great start.

Improve your diet

Eating a healthy diet is one of the primary components to a long and healthy life. However, due to a contaminated and nutrient deficient food supply, incorporating a healthy diet has become more difficult.

Choosing a whole food diet that is as fresh, clean, and as raw as possible is a big step forward in improving your longevity and quality of life.

Examples of these types of whole foods include:

A wide variety of different colored vegetables and fruits

Fermented vegetables and kefirs

Unrefined and sprouted grains

Raw sprouted nuts, seeds, and legumes

Grass fed beef, organic chicken, and wild cold water fish

Raw dairy

The general rule is for food to be as fresh, clean, whole, unprocessed, unrefined, and raw as possible (only cooking when required for legitimate safety reasons). This will supply many more of the required nutrients, including delicate enzymes and probiotics, to your body for optimal functioning.

Reduce stress

Stress is a commonly discussed condition, but unfortunately it doesn't get the credence that it deserves as a major cause of the ailments ruining people's quality of life and longevity. Some estimates suggest that as much as 70% to 80% of all visits to physicians' offices are for stress related problems.

Stress can deregulate all of the systems of the body, which leads to every age-related disease of our time. According to the National Stress Institute, research has confirmed that stress has a prominent role in disorders of the heart, gastrointestinal system, skin, neurological system, and emotions.

Detoxify the body

is the body's natural way of removing toxins that is completed by
several systems and organs, including the liver, kidneys, intestines,
and skin. If it becomes overwhelmed, the excessive build up of these
poisons can accelerate the aging process and impair the function of our
immune and hormonal systems, which leaves us more vulnerable to age
related diseases.

The unprecedented level of chemicals in our food, water, air, and personal care products has reduced our resistance to disease. The result has negatively affected our metabolisms, leaving us with deficiencies and imbalances that facilitate an increased aging process.

Boost immune function

The immune system is the primary defense against cancer and a wide variety of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. With advanced age, immune system function generally declines, which raises your vulnerability to age related diseases. Another unfortunate effect in aging is the inclination of the immune system to become overactive, which leads to heightened inflammatory response that also accelerates the aging

Balance the hormones

Hormones implicated in aging include testosterone, estrogen and progesterone, as well as melatonin, growth hormone, cortisol, and DHEA. When these hormone levels are imbalanced, they can cause a multitude of systemic problems that are crucial to normal life processes and are known to accelerate some aging processes. Impaired endocrine function will wreak havoc with the rest of the body's systems, which will increase vulnerability to age related diseases.

Increasing longevity and quality of life requires a systematic approach that is not found in single elixirs or supplements. Consider all the components to a healthy life, and do them well on a consistent basis.

A London apartment with a concrete and brick urban outlook like the one below, with the usual cold and damp British weather included, the unchanging panorama with ugly buildings in the foreground and heavily polluted air and noise from the traffic and local industry, it also comes with a hefty  price tag of around £15,000,000.

Or this one, a beautiful sunny river valley location full of natural wildlife, colourful birds, fish jumping in the river, the ebb and flow of this tidal river, plus wonderful panoramic views all round, a peaceful and tranquil setting, no noise or air pollution, nature at it’s very best and where the cost of the eco-friendly accommodation will be a lot more affordable.